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If You're Ready To Launch, Scale Or Add More Profit Into Your Business...

There's Only One Thing Keeping
You From Achieving It:

There's Only One Thing Keeping You From Achieving It:

You're about to find out how successful business owners and entrepreneurs seem to gather leads and print sales on demand, and how you can gain and leverage notability for yourself to effortlessly explode your leads and sales any time you want to.

Rising to the top of your niche, especially if you're just getting started, probably sounds like a pipe dream. From creating fancy websites and funnels, building and launching courses and lead magnets, constantly publishing on social media, writing emails, doing webinars, and so much more... big businesses make it seem like a lot of work, time and cost to get where they are.

But what if I told you that becoming the go-to leader in your niche isn't as hard or even as time consuming as you might think.

In fact, when you do it the right way, you'll feel like it's so easy, there is no way it could work!

Notable Leader Army Is For You

If you're anything like me, you are burning with a need to get your product, service, or skill out into the market!

After buying countless courses and coaching, you may have realized that you don't always have the time to watch all the training and live coaching, even though there are tons of golden nuggets you really need to hear.

Podcasts  and YouTube videos can be great but often times you only get told the "what" to do, and you end up struggling with "HOW" you can actually do it in your own business.

As I grew my own business, I noticed that many of my clients desperately wanted a way to reduce the amount of time they were spending online learning, and instead, LEVERAGE their time by getting pointed weekly coaching right when they need it. Coaching that is tailored to them and their business.

So as someone who is always looking for ways to innovate and provide solutions, Notable Leader Army was created!

High End Business Coaching Designed To Get You FAST And Measurable Results! 

Coach In ClickFunnels 2CCX Program

Even as a ClickFunnels coach, Kaci needed a way to build a tribe and become the Notable Leader in her niche. Kaci is focused on making an impact and helping her students do the same. Working With Chantelle, Kaci launched her highly active community

From Almost Out Of Cash
To Multiple 6-Figures

Jaime Went From Struggling To Make His Monthly Coaching Payments To Doing Over $12K In Seed Launch Working With Chantelle. Now Jaime Is The Notable Leader In Launching Profitable Podcasts

Highly Successful Book Editor With A-Level Clients

Lori took Chantelle's advice, implemented everything and quickly became the Notable Leader in book editing for A-level, 7-figure entrepreneurs

Whether you're just starting your first business or looking to explode your business with a tribe of eager buyers,
you CAN NOT afford to miss this!

Have you felt like you're destined for more out life but you're struggling to get your business off the ground? You keep buying courses, reading books, watching YouTube videos, but you can't seem to put it all together right...

Like everyone around you keeps having success, when will it be your turn?

That maybe you should just give it all up because others who are not even as good as you, are getting paid way more?

Do you keep wondering "What am I doing wrong?"


I put this program together because I was tired of watching people that were not that good, get all the money just because they knew how to market. While the really incredible people who want to change the world, could not afford the training they needed, the high ticket coaches that would actually move the needle for them.

I charge $15,000 to work with me one to one, but now you can access to me LIVE every week for just $97 a month.

PLUS: You can try out your first full month of coaching for just $1
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